Amphibious Undercarriage

An Amphibious Excavator is specially designed to work in swampy, wet land and shallow water. Our well designed Amphibious Undercarriages provides great mobility to work on soft terrains and swampy area. Standard package of Uni Asia Amphibious Excavator is attached with long reach arm c/w conventional excavator bucket. Amphibious Undercarriage has proven to work effectively on the following areas:

  • Swamp land clearing at mining, plantation and construction area.
  • Deepening of canal, river channel and river mouth.
  • Building bund for flood prevention and land reclamation
  • Building bund wall for fish, shrimp ponds and salt making industry.
  • Clearing of lakes, ponds and water reservoir.
  • Digging trenches for oil & gas piping installation.
  • Clearing obstacles at landslide and flood hit area.
  • Water irrigation at paddy field and plantation
Optional items:

Additional side pontoons c/w 6 meter of hydraulic spuds. These optional items are required if the water draft of the site working condition is between 2 to 3.5 meters.